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General construction

Construction and design engineering of residential buildings, real estates and industrial fascilities.




-design drawing

-obtaining official approvals

-escavation work/landscaping

-purchase of raw materials

-construction from the substructure to the chimney

-home renovation phases

-obtaining occupation permits

Tombstone-Artificial Stone-Limestone

Elaboration and distribution of custom-built as well as conventional tombstones and artificial stone. Retail and wholesale market representation of granite, marble and limestone. Design of agglomerated stone, quartzite, onyx in residential buildings upon custom requests.


-artificial stone




-agglomerated stone





Building demolition

Professional manual and mechanic demolition of buildings and architectures; management and dispatch of waste residue. Demolition of pavements, tiles and fences, overall landscaping, excavation and grader works.


-obtaining demolition permits

-removing roofing and solid materials

-slab demolition

-removing doors, windows

-demoliton of walls

-removing substructures

-grader works


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