General Construction

What is general construction? Why is it important?

We are all under time pressure, therefore we aim to perform continuous workphases while you are away working or spending time with your family. General construction will remove unnecessary burdens from your shoulders: with satisfying all requirements, we perform the tasks until we have finished the home of your dreams. You only have to define your requirements and the quality. This is followed by the contracting, which clearly outlines your requests including deadlines and high-quality contstruction.

Architectures are complex projects, their construction is the result of the cooperation of several engineering activities. Therefore, the conscious design, organization, control and supervision of the construciton process is highly necessary. The general designer is responsible for the design and related organizing works. The project planning is diversified, includes many specific planning tasks that requires the involvement of design engineers into the organizing work. Companies conducting geodetical tasks are referred to as detail engineers.


"The secret of permanence is continuous renewal."

-Müller Péter


The general constructor (prime contractor) performs the installation phase of the construction. The construction and installation works are also diversified. The prime contractor mandates subcontractors to perform the specific construction phases. In this case, the prime contractor is a client and a coordinator at the same time. The contractor is an authorized organization specialized for construction and installation. Its contract may apply to general construction, prime contracting, or performing other taks defined in an agreement. Its main function is preparing the construction (contracting, orangization); preparation of the implementation plans (subcontracting is possible); an the construction itself (control and quaility supervision). It is important that the setting out, the construction management, and the feasibility study are the duties of the prime contractor, however, the employment of an independent surveyor my apply.

The schematized periods of the construction project implementation:



-/technical handover/

Consequently, the function of the general constructor includes all activities that may arise during a construction or apartment renovation:

- prepares quotation,

- contracts with client,

- performs design drawing,

- obtains official approvals,

- performs escavation work/landscaping,

- purchase raw materials,

- construction from the substructure to the chimney,

- performs all phases of home renovation,

- obtains occupation permits.


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